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  • Week in Review – 18th April 2019

    - Global News
    - Market Summary
    - Key Economic Releases
    - Market Performance

  • financial abuse
    Why the financial services industry should support the change proposed for financial abuse

    Alison Taylor, senior consultant at Frenkel Topping, considers why the financial services industry should support the landmark change proposed for financial abuse.

  • Week in Review – 12th April 2019

    - Global News
    - Market Summary
    - Key Economic Releases
    - Market Performance

  • Week in Review – 05th April 2019

    - Global News
    - Market Summary
    - Key Economic Releases
    - Market Performance

  • Pension Credit Update

    Pension Credit is a means-tested benefit for pensionable aged people whose income and capital is low enough. Couples who live together must make a joint claim for Pension Credit.

  • Week in Review – 29th March 2019

    - Global News
    - Market Summary
    - Key Economic Releases
    - Market Performance

  • UK economy – is it really all ‘doom and gloom’?

    Before the 2016 referendum it was warned that leaving the European Union could damage the UK economy. However, despite all the political uncertainty and chaos, the economy appears to holding up well – and on some fronts very well.

  • Week in Review – 22nd March 2019

    • Brexit deadline extended past the 29th March

    • UK CPI inflation rises slightly from a 2 year low

    • Bank of England keeps interest rates at 0.75%

    • The Federal Reserve promises no rate hikes in 2019

    • Palladium hits an all-time high on tight supply outlook

  • Week in Review – 15th March 2019

    • Brexit deadline extended
    • Sterling rallies the most since June 2018
    • Equity markets gather momentum
    • Oil prices (WTI & Brent Crude) climb to their highest levels this year

  • Week in Review – 08th March 2019

    • The European Central Bank downgrades euro-area growth forecast
    • Equity markets slide as volatility returns
    • EU officials pessimistic on Brexit ahead of next weeks vote

  • Week in Review – 01st March 2019

    • Sterling rallies on positive Brexit news flow
    • China’s Purchasing Managers Index figure continues decline
    • China’s equities rally
    • US GDP growth tops estimates

  • Week in Review – 22nd February 2019

    • No breakthrough in Brexit negotiations
    • UK declares record budget surplus in January
    • Eurozone economy remains close to stagnation
    • Japans manufacturing PMI data shows first contraction in two years
    • Palladium hits all time high

  • frenkel topping
    Frenkel Topping launches free training roadshow

    Frenkel Topping has announced that it is launching a series of free, flexible training sessions, allowing legal professionals to gain APIL-accredited CPD points at no cost.

  • Week in Review – 15th February 2019

    • UK inflation falls to 1.8%
    • German economy just misses recession
    • Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez calls snap election
    • US considers 60 day trade talk extension with China beyond March 1 deadline

  • Week in Review – 08th February 2019

    • The European Commission lowers its growth forecasts for all major EU economies

    • The BOE downgrade growth forecasts, citing Brexit as the main issue

    • Still no solution to the Brexit deadlock

    • No Trump-Xi meeting before March 1 deadline

    • India’s central bank delivers unexpected interest rate cut

  • Frenkel topping training academy
    DirectorsTalk Q&A with Frenkel Topping Group CEO Richard Fraser

    Frenkel Topping Group Chief Executive Officer Richard Fraser caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss what the company has done over the last 3 years and its plans for the next 5 years.

  • Welfare Benefits Update February 2019

    Benefit Update February 2019 from Frenkel Topping. Universal Credit (UC) is a new means-tested benefit which was first introduced in April 2013. The aim of UC was to simplify the existing welfare system and to provide one single benefit for people both in and out of work.

  • Week in Review – 01st February 2019

    • US markets rally on Fed dovish tone
    • PM May seeks to renegotiate the Brexit deal with the EU
    • Italy’s economy slips into recession
    • China’s economy loses momentum

  • Government Actuary’s Department: Technical Memorandum

    Government Actuary’s Department: Technical Memorandum

  • Week in Review – 25th January 2019

    • The IMF cut its forecast for the global economy

    • Brexit ‘Plan B’ vote to be held on the 29th January

    • Sterling reaches its highest level since January 2018

    • China posts its slowest growth rate in three decades in 2018 at 6.6%

  • Week in Review – 18th January 2019

    • PM May’s “Withdrawal Agreement” is rejected by Parliament
    • UK inflation falls to its lowest level in nearly two years
    • EU area faces slowing economic growth
    • China’s economy hurt by trade wars

  • Week in Review – 11th January 2019

    The week in review:
    - “Meaningful vote” on Brexit confirmed as 15th January
    - Federal Reserve alters its stance
    - Germany suffers economic slowdown
    - Oil price rallies

  • Week in Review – 21st December 2018

    • UK inflation (RPI) rate falls to 2.3%
    • UK interest rate remains unchanged
    • Global equity markets fall
    • European economic growth slows

  • Week in Review – 14th December 2018

    • Brexit takes centre stage
    • Brexit uncertainty at all time high
    • Sterling falls
    • Sovereign bond yields compress
    • ECB confirms end of bond buying programme

  • Week in Review – 7th December 2018

    • A volatile week for markets globally
    • Safe haven sovereign bonds rally
    • Brexit vote outcome ever more opaque
    • US/China agree temporary trade war truce

  • Employer of the year
    Frenkel Topping wins Employer of the Year Commendation Award

    We are delighted to announce that Frenkel Topping won the Employer of the Year Commendation Award at last night’s City of Manchester Business Awards.

  • Week in Review – 30th November 2018

    - EU signs Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
    - Brexit parliamentary vote is confirmed as 11 December 2018
    - US and China meet at G20 meeting
    - Italy shows signs of budget compromise

  • Week in Review – 23th November 2018

    The week in review:
    - Brexit emergency summit set for Sunday
    - US equities erase year-to-date gains
    - European Commission rejects Italy’s latest draft budget
    - Crude Oil rises after 6 weeks of losses

  • Socially Responsible Investing
    Frenkel Topping launch SRI solution as millennials call for socially responsible investing

    Growing demand from millennials for Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has led to Frenkel Topping launching our own Socially Responsible Model Portfolio (SRMP). Find out more.

  • actively managed cash service
    Frenkel Topping bring new actively managed cash service to market

    Frenkel Topping has officially launched a new actively managed cash service that will see clients get better bank interest rates for savings. Find out more.

  • Frenkel topping training academy
    Frenkel Topping launches new training academy to deepen its talent pool

    We're delighted to be bolstering our growth plans with the launch of a new training academy to attract future talent to the business.

    Find out how you can get into our training academy.

  • Week in Review – 16th November 2018

    • Draft Brexit agreement reached
    • Negative reaction prevails
    • Italy defies the EU’s budget guidelines
    • Oil price collapses

  • Week in review – 9th November 2018

    • Brexit rumours swirl ahead of the deadline
    • US political system in likely gridlock
    • EU and Italy on collision course
    • Oil prices fall sharply

  • Week in Review – 2nd November 2018

    - UK base rate remains unchanged
    - UK GDP forecast growth upgraded to 1.9% in 2019
    - President Trump to meet Xi Jinping to discuss trade
    - Brazil elects a “market friendly” President

  • ASHE Annual Data Release

    The ONS has released the provisional data set for ASHE 6115. This is the third year in a row
    that the data has been made available before mid-November. This will certainly help with the
    recalculation process for all Periodical Payments due to be paid on or before 14th December

  • Week in Review – 26th October 2018

    The week in review:
    - Equity market correction continues
    - Brexit outcome remains uncertain
    - EU rejects Italy’s budget plan
    - Emerging Market equities continue to struggle

  • Week in Review – 19th October 2018

    - Brexit uncertainty reaches new levels
    - UK inflation (CPI) falls unexpectedly
    - Italy challenges EU budget rules
    - European equity markets struggle

  • Week in review – 12th October 2018

    The week in review:
    - Global equities sell off with a market correction
    - Equity market volatility increases
    - IMF cuts global growth forecast for 2018 and 2019
    - WTI Oil heads for biggest drop since July

  • Week in review – 5th October 2018

    The week in review:
    - Brexit outcome continues to make headlines
    - US, Canada and Mexico reach revised trade agreement
    - Italian budget agreed at 2.4% GDP deficit
    - Brent Crude Oil continues to rise

  • Week in review – 28th September 2018

    - Brexit outcome ever more opaque
    - Federal Reserve increases its funding rate
    - Italy challenges EU budget rules
    - Oil price reaches a four year high

  • Week in review – 21st September 2018

    - EU Summit ends in Brexit disappointment
    - S&P 500 reaches another new all time high
    - Sovereign bond yields rise
    - Asia and EM recovers from year lows

  • Week in review – 14th September 2018

    -Brexit headlines turn more positive
    -UK base rate remains unchanged
    -Italy offers budget compromise
    -Oil price rises on supply fears

  • Week in review – 7th September 2018

    The week in review:
    - Brexit disagreements spill into the open
    - Sterling falls on Brexit concerns
    - EU/Italy negotiate a budget solution
    - Emerging markets fall sharply again

  • Week in review – 31st August 2018

    The week in review:
    -S&P 500 touches a new high
    -US reaches a new NAFTA (trade) agreement with Mexico.
    -Brexit – conciliatory EU tones
    -Italy challenges EU budget constraints

  • Week in review – 24th August 2018

    The week in review:
    - S&P 500 touches a new high
    - US/China tariffs become reality
    - Brexit talks continue
    - Euro-area growth rebounds
    - Merger & acquisition activity prevalent

  • Week in review – 17 August 2018

    The week in review:
    - Turkey’s economic problems dominate
    - UK inflation rises to 2.5%
    - UK unemployment falls to 4%
    - Gold falls below $1,200 per ounce

  • Week in review – 10th August 2018

    The week in review:
    - Sterling falls on Brexit worries
    - US economic momentum maintained
    - US/China trade dispute ratchets up
    - Oil demand falls

  • Week in review – 3rd August 2018

    The week in review:
    - US interest rates remain unchanged
    - Bank of England interest rate increases by 0.25%
    - US/China trade relations deteriorate
    - Sovereign bond yields rise
    - Gold price falls

  • Week in review – 27th July 2018

    The week in review:
    - EU/US trade relations improve
    - Highly valued US technology stocks wobble
    - FTSE 100 share buy backs prominent
    - Oil ends three week losing streak

  • Week in review – 20th July 2018

    The week in review:
    - UK CPI data falls short of expectations
    - President Trump and President Putin meet in Helsinki
    - EU preparing rebalancing measures if trade dispute continues
    - Oil posts its third weekly loss

  • Week in review – 13th July 2018

    The week in review:
    - Brexit uncertainty hits sterling
    - US- China trade war begins
    - Base metal prices fall in response
    - China eases market access rules

  • Week in review – 6th July 2018

    The week in review:
    - UK economic data rebounds
    - US economy maintains momentum
    - Trade tariffs become reality
    - Asian markets underperform over protectionsism

  • Week in review – 29th June 2018

    The week in review:
    - Oil price touches year high
    - EU purchasing manager index (PMI) re-assures
    - UK housing market slows
    - China equity market enters bear market territory
    - Sovereign bond yields move lower

  • Week in review – 22nd June 2018

    The week in review:
    - UK interest rate remains unchanged
    - Trade tensions hurt risk appetite
    - Sovereign bond yields fall
    - Nasdaq touches a new high

  • Week in review – 15th June 2018

    The week in review:
    - The Federal Reserve increases its interest rate
    - ECB announces the end of Quantitative Easing
    - Brexit hits the headlines again
    - Oil price retreats on the prospect of increased supply

  • Week in review – 8th June 2018

    The week in review:
    - Spain swears in new PM after vote of no confidence
    - US Macro data beats estimates
    - NASDAQ hits new record high
    - The central bank in Turkey hike rates by 1.25%
    - Oil price continues to rise following supply issues

  • Week in review – 1st June 2018

    The week in review:
    - Geo-political risks move to the fore
    - Italy and Spain political uncertainty unnerves markets
    - Protectionism moves a step closer to reality
    - Benchmark Treasuries remain safe havens

  • FEN Notice of AGM 30 May 2018

  • Week in review – 25th May 2018

    • UK inflation falls to 2.4%
    • UK Q1 2018 growth remains muted
    • FTSE 100 index retreats from record highs
    • US puts a potential China trade war on hold
    • President Trump cancels North Korea summit

  • Week in review – 18th May 2018

    The week in review:
    - FTSE 100 closed yesterday at a new record of 7,787
    - UK average wages surpass inflation
    - UK unemployment remains steady at 4.2%
    - US 10yr Treasury yield moves to a 7 year high
    - Brent crude oil trades at its highest level since December 2014

  • Week in review – 11th May 2018

    The week in review:
    - Bank of England leaves UK interest rates unchanged
    - UK inflation falls to 2.5%
    - US unemployment rate falls to 3.9%, a 17 year low
    - President Trump withdraws from Iran Nuclear accord
    - Merger & acquisition activity accelerates

  • Deputy Day 2018 Speaker Presentations Available

    We are pleased to provide the presentations from the Speakers at Deputy Day 3rd May 2018.

    We are very proud to sponsor this event and thank you to everyone that attended.

  • Week in review – 4th May 2018

    The week in review:
    - Federal Reserve holds interests unchanged
    - Amber Rudd quits as Home Secretary
    - UK GDP figures falls short of estimates
    - USD continues to strengthen
    - Eurozone inflation falls short of forecast

  • Week in review – 27th April 2018

    The week in review:
    - US and China trade conflict worries recede
    - US 10 year Treasury yield moves above 3%
    - European Central Bank leaves interest rates unchanged
    - Oil price touches US$75 per barrel, its highest level since November 2014