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  • GOP pulls its crucial healthcare bill vote

    GOP pulls the healthcare bill vote as it anticipated lack of votes. It drew much of markets attention as investors viewed it keenly as a key for reflation trade.

  • Fed undertakes a “dovish” hike

    The Fed raised its benchmark lending rate a quarter point without accelerating the timetable for future hikes. The outlook was less hawkish than market participants foresaw. Global equities were on course for the best week since January, even though the initial rally lost some of its momentum.

  • Mark Holt, Commercial Director at FTL delivers specialised training on the implications of the new discount rate.

    Following the recent and unexpected slash in the discount rate, we have been asked by many of our introducing firms to provide specialised training on the subject matter to fee earners. This has been mirrored by professional organisations requesting the same. Therefore I have written a new training module which covers all aspects of the implications of the discount rate shift. See attached PDF for content.

  • Frenkel Topping Launch ‘Avoiding Professional Negligence’ Seminars – Liverpool

    Frenkel Topping Limited cordially invites you to a seminar on ‘Avoiding Professional Negligence & Maximising a Claimant’s Schedule & Income’ - The first of many road shows will take place in Liverpool on 4th April 2017

  • March rate hike on the cards after strong jobs report

    The increasing possibility of a Fed rate hike this week continued to dominate markets with further support coming from a strong US jobs report on Friday.

  • Investors show confidence in Trump reflation trade

    The most awaited President Trump’s address to Congress, like earlier instances, turned out to be low on policy detail. He set out his main areas of policy focus but left for later the details of what specific measures he wants to take, how they will be funded, and when they will be implemented.

  • Lord Chancellor ‘Slashes’ Discount Rate

    The wait is finally over as the Lord Chancellor, Elizabeth Truss announces reduction in the ‘Discount Rate’ to -0.75%.

  • China shifts focus towards growth concerns

    Amid looming trade war concerns with the US, Chinese economy is slowing, domestic real estate is becoming increasingly unaffordable and the yuan is depreciating. While attempting to minimize yuan depreciation, China’s foreign currency reserves fell for a seventh straight month in January to $3 trillion, the lowest in almost six years. The government is making persistent efforts, as it acknowledges a rapid slowdown in growth could create social and political instability. China is now prioritizing growth over economic and structural reform as its key objective. The further expansion of credit is expected to ensure the economy’s growth target of 6.5% to 7% is achieved in 2017.

  • In Trump We Trust

    It was a strong week in equity markets which rose 1.1% reaching record highs mid-week. This optimism was spurred on by hard data showing retail sales, as well as consumer and producer inflation metrics surprising to the upside.

  • World currencies affected by political events

    The week saw various currencies move based on political developments. USD ended a 6-week losing streak. We remain positive on the USD. GBP is facing a double whammy of economic and political environment, as UK edges closer to triggering Brexit negotiations with the EU next month. The euro weakened over Europe's upcoming election concerns.

  • Frenkel Topping announces 2017 Deputy Day

    Due to the huge success of previous years' Deputy Days and by popular demand, Frenkel Topping will host the industry leading Deputy Day on Thursday 11th May 2017. Full details are available here.

  • President Trump’s commits towards campaign promises through initial executive orders

    Executive orders of President Trump grabbed the markets attention throughout the week with the major highlight being memoranda reviving construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines and withdrawing from Nafta. USD is again down this week. US Equities showed positive performance and the 10-year Treasury yield fell below 2.5 %. Oil traded around $52 a barrel, Gold headed for its longest slump in 3 months closing at $1,189.60 an ounce.

  • Tracey Atkinson – Welfare Benefits & Personal Injury Trust Manager provides insight into recent successes

    In the last 6 months alone we have identified an additional £406,000 in welfare benefits for our clients.

  • Sell the rumour, buy the fact

    The week’s major events were Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, and the World Economic Forum at Davos. USD, GBP remained volatile as Theresa May delivered her long expected address on her Brexit strategy. US futures climbed with the USD and bonds fell as investors awaited the start of Donald Trump’s presidency.

  • Avoiding Professional Negligence

    Alison Taylor, a highly experienced Advisor and Business Development Consultant at Frenkel Topping explains methods of avoiding professional negligence claims and maximising quantum. An article published in the 'Personal Injury Law Journal'

  • Rising optimism in stocks

    Volatile USD closed the week with a 0.8% fall, marking the third consecutive week of decline. Stocks globally advanced, particularly the FTSE 100 Index, which completed 14 straight daily gains.

  • Investment Outlook 2017

    As we approach 2017, I thought it may be helpful to offer an insight into our investment outlook. Our goals for the Safety First portfolios remain unchanged; to achieve above inflation and volatility risk adjusted returns, to preserve our clients’ capital, to achieve low volatility, and to deliver these returns on a low cost basis.

  • 2016 – A Volatile Year

    It has been a year of the unexpected, a volatile year for the markets. Most of the time market predictions were wrong; stoking short term reactions. We have, throughout the year, maintained our Safety First approach.

  • Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in 2016

    The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points. This was as expected, but the Fed’s projection of three rate hikes in 2017 came as a surprise. The move led to USD rally, bond yields surged while stocks retreated.

  • As markets settled down we reinvested across the Safety First portfolios

    Global markets were calmer with stocks and USD on the rise. Oil closed at $51.5 a barrel amid growing support from both OPEC and non OPEC countries to curb output.

  • Planning for Later Life

    Entering later life together with the possibility of requiring future care may, to some people, seem a worrying prospect

  • OPEC reaches first agreement in 8 years

    Crude prices jumped to the six-week high after OPEC agreed on a deal to cut production, which pushed US crude prices past $50 a barrel.

  • Global Markets finally settle down

    Equity markets have been relatively muted, posting small gains over the week due to the impact of the Donald Trump victory in the US elections. However, there were more significant movements in both the bond market and the currency market as the dollar continued to strengthen and bonds continued to sell off.

  • The Calm Before a Storm?

    Global markets have digested Trump's win. The equity market's initial bearish reaction was swift but short lived. The bond rout proved more lasting.

  • Donald Trump Triumphs in the US Presidential Election

    Donald Trump won the US Presidential election to become the 45th president of the United States. Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress.

  • Cash Flow Modelling

    Our cash flow modelling tool helps our advisers to assess and gain understanding of our clients' financial planning needs and helps them plan for their future.

  • The US Election day has arrived

    Uncertainty continues as the race for the white house is too close to call.

  • Moved to 100% cash ahead of the uncertain US Election

    We consider it safe to hold all FTIM client portfolio assets in cash ahead of the US election on Tuesday.

  • Pension Loss Claims

    Pension contributions and the calculations that are made for the loss of pension benefits have a direct link to earnings of the claimant.

  • Global bond sell off deepens

    $ on the rise, positive data from around the world, specifically better than expected GDP figures from the US and UK.

  • The Great Frenkel Topping Bake Off 2016

    The team at Frenkel Topping's Manchester head office today took part in our very own Bake Off with the proceeds from the sale of our bakes being donated to the Frenkel Topping Charitable Foundation.

  • ONS Release ASHE datasets

    The ONS have this morning, Wednesday 26th October 2016, released the provisional data set for ASHE 6145 & 6146 (6115 equivalent) Mark Holt, Commercial Director comments on the results.

  • Mistrust the Present…

    Dollar index has reached the highest level since March as strong data further boosted the expectation of Fed rate hike this year.

  • N.E.S.T Pension Schemes

    Despite the Pension Regulator issuing fixed penalties of £344,000 between April and June 2016, firms are still continuing to breach Auto Enrolment rules.

  • Signs of Inflation

    The primary concern of our investment process is the maintenance of the volatility caps placed on each of our Safety First portfolios.

  • Greater Expectations

    As care plans for the vulnerable often require a specialist approach to meet expectations, why should wealth management planning be any different, asks Richard Fraser, CEO, Frenkel Topping

  • Welfare Benefits Advice

    If you have been in an involved accident or sustained injuries caused by medical negligence, it is imperative that you receive the correct advice regarding any benefits that you may be entitled to.

  • Brexit Fears Dominate Sterling

    Uncertainty, and consequently risk, continues to dominate the thoughts of investors during a protracted global economic recovery.

  • Pension For Carers

    The State Pension is not enough and as things stand most employers are not putting enough emphasis on what happens after retirement.

  • Deutsche Bank raises Systemic Fears

    Risk of contagion and systemic risks if Deutsche Bank collapses are significant.

  • Company Update

    Assets under Management forecast to exceed £750m by December 2016.

  • Markets Eye US Election Debate

    Trump edges closer to Clinton on the eve of the First Presidential Debate in the US.

  • Global Risk Off Sentiment Continues

    Markets remain under pressure; stocks, bonds and commodities all lost ground this week amid concern ECB and BOJ are hesitant to boost stimulus that’s so far done little to revive growth and inflation. Oil trading around $44 a barrel.

  • FEN Director/PDMR Shareholding

    Frenkel Topping Group plc (AIM: FEN) announces that, Richard Fraser, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, has sold 2,700,476 ordinary shares of 0.5p each in the capital of the Company (“Ordinary Shares”) at a price of 50 pence per Ordinary Share. FCFM Group Limited has purchased 723,476 Ordinary, of which Jason Granite, Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of the Company, is a director and shareholder.

  • Central Banks at the Centre Stage

    Fed rate hike probability reduced early in the week, weakening the $, strengthening gold. Oil prices closed around $46 with a week of speculation over the OPEC meeting output cap.

  • Keep Calm and Rally On…

    UK political turmoil that followed the Brexit vote coincided with the immediate and dramatic fall in UK equity markets as investors rushed to safer assets.

  • Lower Rates for Longer

    Janet Yellen’s speech indicated a rate rise is going to happen this year but that the decision as to when it will be, September or December, is expected to be data dependent.

  • All Eyes West

    No rise in US inflation so Fed postpone the interest rate hike.

  • In the end, does Brexit matter?

    No surprises from Central Banks last week, despite softer data in the US and a classic “risk off” week in the UK and Europe.

  • Deputy Day London 2016 Roundup

    For deputies and trustees of vulnerable clients, ensuring the wellbeing principles of the Care Act 2014 while making 'best interest' decisions requires long-term vision, flexibility, creativity and, in most cases, a great deal of collaboration.

  • Risky Business: Exclusive Deputy Roundtable

    Investment decisions for vulnerable clients: specialist focus for FT & PCA magazine collaboration

  • New Year, a tough start…

    After several years of steady growth and low volatility, 2015 provided a reminder of the often volatile nature of investment. The first few weeks of 2016 have taken a similar path. As David Mulholland reports, the odd thing is, nothing much has changed.

  • Great expectations: enabling wellbeing

    Ensuring the long-term provision of funds to pay for care and wellbeing services is an essential part of protecting and enabling vulnerable individuals.

  • The Care Act: How to afford & manage changes

    Our specialist Later Life consultant, Lynn Buckley, has advised readers of a leading national legal magazine on the how to afford and manage the implications of the Care Act 2014 on behalf of vulnerable individuals.

  • ft responds to the updated ASHE Data Summary

    We are pleased to announce that this year the ONS have been able to produce their annual ASHE figures in a timely manner, meaning the re-calculation of Periodical Payments can be calculated and paid out to recipients on the date intended as per the Court Order.

  • Cover Story: Long Division – Divorce & vulnerable clients

    The essential and often overlooked issue of divorce and vulnerable clients was featured as the cover story in the October 2015 issue of Private Client Adviser (PCA) magazine.