Investment commentary from Frenkel Topping Group’s in-house discretionary fund manager, Ascencia.

Ascencia’s focus on a smoother investment journey, protecting the downside and being poised to act on the upside when it comes; continues to work well and Ascencia funds continue to perform significantly better than comparative world indices.

During times of economic uncertainty, commentary is plentiful in the mainstream media but it is also biased. As is always the case with media coverage, narratives are subjective and often alarming and written with a political motive.

On the other hand, the investment market analysis from the experts at Ascencia, summarises the events of recent weeks in a factual and objective way.

Yes, the impact of Truss’s ‘Mini budget’ on markets is significant but perspective is important here.

So too was the impact of the Covid pandemic significant, the war in Ukraine, and the many more economic ups and downs we have seen throughout history.

The experts who manage the investments at Ascencia are not alarmed by these recent developments. They are measured and managed in their approach. This is the latest blip in the investment cycle and their principles, values and strategy are geared around the sometimes unpredictable nature of investing.

That’s not to say they are nonchalant in their response either. They are comfortable that their investment strategy defends against the impact of turbulence like this and for those investors whose focus is on long-term returns, their approach is absolutely the right one.

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