The right expert witness reports are the difference between your clients getting the pay-out that sees them comfortably living out their days and not.

We offer a range of full CPR qualifying reports ready for court, as well as white-label reports to suit your needs. We also provide free viability checks to outline which reports your client qualifies for, so your time isn’t wasted.

View the full list of Pre-Settlement reports we offer below:

Loss of Income

Loss of Earnings - Overview

Loss of Earnings help to accurately identify an appropriate loss for the Claimant and forms a significant part of the overall claim process, greatly influencing how much settlement they’ll receive. At Frenkel Topping, unlike forensic accountants, all of our financial advisers are qualified and authorised under the FCA to give pensions advice. We also have 30 years’ experience dealing with complex promotional prospects in earnings and have handled a wide range of career paths and sectors previously.

Loss of Earnings - Features

  • Accuracy
  • Oversight of tax, national insurance, pensions, employer benefits, promotional prospects
  • Career path mapping

Pension Loss - Overview

Pension Loss helps the Claimant receive the damages that they are entitled to. By showing the accurate loss, Claimants can avoid professional negligence and increase the level of proportionality to claim back fees. Frenkel Topping’s pension loss service can provide a range of reports to suit various needs and circumstances, and offers white label reports. Unlike most other methodologies, the Frenkel Topping methodology means you get consistency across all pensions including private sector, public sector, loss of dependency and lost years.

Pension Loss - Features

  • Accuracy
  • Oversight of tax, national insurance, pensions, employer benefits, promotional prospects
  • Career path mapping
  • Considers other elements of pension not just pension contributions
  • Provides a detailed approach to avoid under-settlement of a claim
  • Considers the overall employment package
  • A range of scalable reports available including white label reports
  • Payment deferred until settlement

Loss of Dependency


Loss of Dependency calculations help the Claimant to understand post-death pensions, ensuring dependents receive what they should have been entitled to had the incident not happened. We provide a detailed approach and methodology for this service.


  • Based on loss of earnings and loss of pension calculations
  • Helps the Claimant understand what income is disregarded after death
  • Helps the Claimant understand what income is claimable after death

Lost Years


Lost Years ensures any financial loss from a person’s reduced life is accounted for, to help the Claimant receive what they are due.
 We provide a detailed approach and methodology for this service alongside a free viability check.


  • Uses the detailed pension loss methodology essential for arriving at an annual loss
  • Identifies an appropriate income to calculate the loss to the Claimant’s family

Periodical Payment Order


Frenkel Topping pioneered the PPO in the UK and has more than 30 years’ experience in this field. A PPO offers a structured settlement whereby part of the pay-out is provided in regular payments, as opposed to the traditional lump sum. This ensures the Client won’t need to take investment risk to ensure payments are made. A PPO ensures the Client has income to last their lifetime.


  • Risk-free
  • Index linked
  • Inflation-proof
  • Guaranteed
  • Funded by the Defendant
  • Structured payments
  • Payments can increase

Independent Financial Guidance at Settlement

Trust for Minors


A Trust for Minors report enables a minor’s money to be moved out of court, where it can be invested with improved interest rates. The report gives the Client access to bespoke investment advice based on their unique needs and circumstances and is a more accessible option than money being held by the court funds, which can be risky and hard to retrieve.


  • The report provided at pre-settlement discloses advantages and disadvantages of a TFM vs PI Trust
  • Option to create a cash flow model to view how different options may affect the Client’s circumstances

Frenkel Topping has supervised a number of pension loss reports on our higher-value cases, and substantially increased the value each time. The reports are carefully researched and clearly presented, so the client is fully informed as to the best options available to them. They write each report in a bespoke manner, tailored to each client, which is crucial when dealing with complex cases, and use a combination of their expertise and latest technology to assess each claim on an individual basis.


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