Investment markets analysis from Frenkel Topping Group’s in-house discretionary fund manager, Ascencia.

In recent months, inflation, energy prices and the cost of living have dominated media coverage, painting a largely depressing picture. A new Prime Minister takes up post in particularly challenging times.

Across the country, and the world, we pay our respects to HM Queen Elizabeth II – a constant in all of our lives for her 70-year reign. While the Queen’s passing is not expected to have any immediate or marked impact on investment markets, naturally a sad and hugely significant moment in history does contribute to a feeling of general unease and uncertainty.

In all of this, Frenkel Topping Limited holds Ascencia’s investment managers to account stringently. We appreciate that for inexperienced and seasoned investors alike, current conditions are stressful and it is our job, as independent financial advisers, to challenge fund managers, to ask the tough questions on behalf of our clients, and to make sure you are kept informed.
It is most telling that throughout the economic turmoil of recent months and years, Ascencia’s investment philosophy has not changed. It hasn’t had to.

Ascencia’s focus – on protecting the downside and being ready to take advantage of the upside when it comes – has continued to deliver returns in line with its “smoother investment journey” philosophy.

By applying an agile and responsive approach, having a finger on the pulse with regards to compilations of asset classes – its portfolio returns compare highly favourably against its equivalents, according to Asset Risk Consultants (ARC), an independent DFM performance monitoring consultancy.

The investment experts at Ascencia have more than 50 years’ experience amongst them. They have the knowledge and understanding to see that even in a challenging investment market, within the mass world of asset classes, there are still places where they can shelter on the downside, protect client investments and deliver positive returns.

While some global markets are down between 20% – 30%, Ascencia has sheltered its portfolio from almost all of that downside. In a stressed environment such as this one, that is something to be celebrated and is testament to Frenkel Topping choosing Ascencia to manage many of its clients’ investments.


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