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Our Services

  • Benefits Check
  • Additional Benefits Advice
  • Community Care and Statutory Funding
  • Personal Injury Trusts
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Pension Loss
  • Periodical Payments
  • Wealth Management
  • piCalculator

Benefits Check

Frenkel Topping’s Welfare Benefits Advisers will review your client’s current income situation in order to ensure they are receiving all of the financial help and support that they are entitled to, with regards to benefit income and financial support.

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Additional Benefits Advice

As well as a standard benefits check, our experts can also provide further help and assistance for your clients in respect of more complex Welfare Benefit issues.

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Community Care and Statutory Funding

In addition to Welfare Benefits, we also have experts available for your clients who can provide advice and support regarding their community care and statutory funding rights.

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Personal Injury Trusts

Where you have applied for an interim payment or are nearing the settlement of your client’s claim, and specifically where your clients are in receipt of benefits, it is important to assess whether a personal injury trust should be established.

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Loss of Earnings

Frenkel Topping are experts in calculating the value of lost employment income, particularly where there are complex issues or the client may have been self employed and have incomplete records. We are able to provide you with a formal report, detailing our calculations which you can submit to the Court as part of the evidence for your clients claim.

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Pension Loss

Under the Workplace Pension Legislation introduced in 2012, all employees are entitled to receive employer contributions into a pension scheme.

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Periodical Payments

Where a client has a future care need, it is important to assess the most suitable way to settle your client’s claim, to ensure that their continuing needs are met.

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Wealth Management

Upon the settlement of your client’s claim it is important that your client receives specialist independent financial advice from an adviser who has knowledge, understanding and experience of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Settlements.

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The following calculators have been designed with you as litigators in mind and are a value add with regards to our Expert Witness services. The purpose of the calculators are to assist you in calculating an accurate multiplier for a number of different scenarios. Whether you are looking for a lifetime multiplier, an earnings multiplier or an appropriate pensions multiplier, the following calculators will provide the results.

The calculators are particularly useful when establishing an appropriate multiplier where the age of the claimant falls within two tables according to Ogden and a traditional interpolate calculation is necessary. All of the calculators are based on the latest edition of the Ogden Tables and are powered by piCalculator.

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