In many cases, where a client has suffered a life-changing incident or injury, it’s necessary to review their living arrangements and consider whether it remains suitable for their ongoing needs. This often means moving home to a larger, specially adapted property.

We can provide you with expert evidence on alternative methods of funding the increased cost of accommodation, investigating amongst other things the cost of renting or servicing a mortgage for a lifetime.


We don’t believe in quick fixes or short-term gains. Instead our experts carefully create bespoke, long term financial plans for each individual. We listen to their financial fears, hopes and goals to make sure we get the maximum compensation and make investment decisions based on what is right for them. We also undertake regular reviews and adjust investments to ensure clients’ financial needs are continually met.

Frenkel Topping is also truly independent. All our IFAs have access to the full investment market, as well as our own in-house investment arm, Ascencia. This means all our judgements are entirely client focused.


Setting up a Personal Injury Trust is often the best way to safeguard a clients’ benefit entitlement or limit their contribution to local authority care costs while a compensation package is being negotiated.

Frenkel Topping assess individual clients to see if a Personal Injury Trust is the best way forward free of charge.
Our experts have years of experience setting up such trusts and can advise lawyers and their clients on the appointment of trustees, investment of the trust fund and the likely tax implications.


Our specialists regularly review clients’ circumstances to ensure they are receiving all the state benefits and tax credits they are entitled to. We also analyse exactly how an award of compensation or regular damages payments will impact their benefit entitlement and advise on how best to protect such benefits and local authority care once a settlement has been agreed.

Our specialists are also experienced in helping clients apply for state funding, lodge appeals against rejected
claims and secure the right documentation, such as medical evidence, to support a claim.

95% of our clients are so impressed with our services that they stick with us throughout their lifetimes.