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Specialist Training

Training Modules

Please see the full list of our training modules below:

Case studies will be used throughout.

*Please note all training is considered and conducted on a case by case basis. Once booked, you will be called by a member of the Frenkel Topping team to discuss if the training you have requested is suitable.

Pension Loss Training 2020


  • What information you need to proceed with a pension loss claim
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • What to do if occupation is unknown
  • Maximum drawdown v GAD / Annuity rates
  • Loss of Dependency Claims
  • Benefits in Kind
  • The way clients actually behave under advice today
  • Lost years
  • Loss of NI and State Pension Claims

Personal Injury Trusts 2020


  • When do clients need them?
  • Which benefits are means tested?
  • How capital affects means tested benefits?
  • Rules specific to personal injury payments
  • investment considerations
  • claiming the costs

Welfare Benefits 2020


  • Provide a brief overview of the welfare benefits system
  • to help identify benefits applicable to your clients
  • an overview of Universal Credit and issues you may face
  • the Appeal Process
  • case studies
  • services we can offer


Avoiding professional negligence from a financial perspective 2020


  • Pension loss
  • State pension
  • PPO
  • Accommodation
  • Personal injury trusts
  • Suitability of financial structure of award for a vulnerable client
  • Welfare benefits
  • Advice on divorce – prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Community care
  • Testamentary advice
  • Deprivation of liberty matters
  • Experts’ costs

Minor Trusts 2020


  • How funds for Minors are treated if held in Court
  • Factors to consider when applying to move funds into a Trust
  • Rules & Regs
  • Process
  • Trustee Act 2000
  • Recent Case Law
  • Case Studies

Investing for Vulnerable Clients 2020


  • Rules, roles & responsibilities
  • Risk Factors
  • The settlement experience and life after
  • Understanding investment costs
  • STEP guidelines