We pride ourselves on our ability to attract, retain and develop talent within the investment management and financial services industry.

We believe by offering our professionals the ability to specialise and work with industry-leading experts, and by utilising unique technology we help to innovate client services and deliver our support in an ethical arena.

What we do

We are a highly specialist financial service organisation. As asset protectors for vulnerable individuals, we offer wealth management, independent financial advice and litigation support services for legal professionals.   We are able to offer motivated, talented and inspiring professionals of all levels, diverse roles in a highly professional PLC environment to develop and challenge themselves.

Why we do it

For our clients who often find themselves vulnerable.   We are able to offer them satisfaction and a sense of security with the work we do.   This motivates and encourages us to seek other ways and ideas of how we can offer support to vulnerable people, either through Frenkel Topping or our Charitable Foundation.

Why we are we different?

Our team make us different. We are proud of our culture which remains people-oriented. Our clients come first, as do our professional partners. We constantly invest in our skills and staff to ensure our wealth management and expert witness service are in the best position possible to support our clients for life.

Why you should join us

Frenkel Topping is always looking ahead at the skills and resources needed by the company. We are highly intuitive when it comes to spotting talent within our business and provide a platform for progression. We are very proud of our working environment, training programmes and the opportunities we provide to our employees, which in turn enables us to build sustainable and valuable relationships with our clients.


Liam Harvey

Graduate Associate

September 2019

I joined Frenkel Topping in September 2019 as a graduate associate. My first rotation within the business which was being part of the report writing team.  At present I am learning how to write a wide range of financial suitability reports, which detail the financial adviser’s recommendations for the Portfolios of both new and existing clients.

As I progress I am looking forward to working in each department of the business.   This will allow me to develop a greater understanding of how each element of the teams work.  Once I have developed my knowledge and gained industry experience by working throughout the business my plan for the future is to become a Frenkel Topping financial consultant.