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Lancashire FA Ability Counts League


Kind words from the Lancashire Fa Ability Counts League:

The Lancashire FA Ability Counts League is honoured to have partnered with Frenkel Topping. Throughout this partnership, the league has grown and developed now covering divisions for adults living with mental health, young people who attend special schools along with an enrichment program that brings together colleges and day services, these subdivisions aim to create more playing opportunities for both young people and adults living with a disability impairment. We hope the players continue their playing pathway into our clubs who are also part of the Frenkel Topping Lancashire FA ability counts league. Within this provision the league has grown. The league now has over 85 teams playing within one of the divisions. This equivalates to over 600 people living with a disability impairment accessing a football opportunity.


The league is in the process of adopting an independent committee anyone who feels they would like to join this journey please do make contact with Andrew Whitaker by emailing there are various roles people could undertake to support the league grow and develop.

Without the partnership between the Lancashire, FA ability counts league and Frenkel Topping the growth of the League over the last 5 would have not been possible. We are looking at areas and ways we can further strengthen the relationship between Lancashire FA and Frenkel Topping and how this could help to benefit the infrastructure and sustainability of the league.