Frenkel Topping Group has announced the acquisition of specialist Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence legal recruitment firm Daniel Lewis Law, which will now operate as a sister company to Frenkel Topping Ltd.
Founded in 2017 by Daniel Lewis – an APIL member and previously Managing Director of Longbridge Law – DLL has an unrivalled knowledge of the sector and the challenges facing firms in their search for legal talent.
Daniel Lewis is supported by Grainne Barton – a clinical negligence lawyer with 30 years of experience, many spent at a senior level inside a number of the big firms. Together they provide a recruitment service to clients and candidates, as well as an advisory service to support staffing, recruitment, retention, and interview advice for Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence departments.
Both Daniel and Grainne know the sector incredibly well and understand the challenges and opportunities that exist – on a personal level for lawyers and on a corporate level for firms competing for great solicitors. The insight that Daniel and Grainne bring is invaluable to us and to our partner firms as we move into a post-Covid era.
Frenkel Topping may currently be best-known for its Financial Expert Witness reports and/or independent financial advice, its experience in the financial element of personal injury and clinical negligence cases spanning more than 30 years, and its expertise in working on sensitive and high value cases and looking after vulnerable claimants, but as the group continues its expansion it is our mission to provide the best possible service to Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence lawyers.
We will do this by providing consistent expertise, experience and value in as many related areas as possible. Daniel Lewis Law have a reputation for making sure firms have the right people to deal with highly sensitive cases and ensuring those firms can provide the right environment to support those professionals in their work, and we look forward to welcoming them to the Frenkel Topping family.