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Alec has patiently explained every detail to me and my trustee. Treating me with sincere respect. The service I have received is better than any company I have ever dealt with. I have been supported me the whole way and will continue to recommend Frenkel Topping to friends and family for the rest of my life.

Frenkel Topping Client

Talking about Alec Chan, our Personal Injury Trust Team Leader

I have been instructing Frenkel Topping for many years. The majority of my clients are vulnerable due to the life changing injuries.. and whilst they always act with the utmost professionalism, Frenkel Topping are also able to make clients feel at ease with their compassionate approach

Gillian Lakes

Serious Law

I always walk away feeling like I’ve learnt something at Deputy Day – sometimes it’s things you already know but it helps you to look at those things differently

Jane Bennett

J E Bennett Law

I have used Frenkel Topping for numerous high value, complex cases and their reports are very helpful, detailed and are provided very quickly

Paul Rumley

Royds WIthy King

We have worked with Frenkel Topping over many years as Expert Advisers in claims for our seriously injured clients. They have provided an excellent service throughout this period, including the provision of crucial training for our expert practitioners in a variety of complex and important areas. From pension loss to personal injury trusts, welfare benefits and other relevant topics, their training support has been invaluable at all levels of experience within our teams. They have been able to tailor their training and approach to match the audience that they are speaking to and the feedback to their sessions has been overwhelmingly positive.

Stephen Threlfall

Fletchers Solicitors

Frenkel Topping has supervised a number of pension loss reports on our higher-value cases, and substantially increased the value of each case each time. The team’s reports are carefully researched and clearly presented, so the client is fully informed as to the best options available to them. They write each report in a bespoke manner and tailored to each client – which is of crucial importance when dealing with complex cases – and use a combination of their expertise and latest technology to assess each claim on an individual basis.

Recently, I took on a case for a brain-damaged young man who was formerly in the military. Frenkel Topping produced a pension report for the client, and were a fantastic addition to the case. They worked empathetically and efficiently, understanding the sensitivity around the subject. Frenkel Topping made sure that both my client and I remained protected

James Reilly

Ralli Solicitors