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Safety First

We named our Safety First portfolios in line with our disciplined, targeted volatility approach to investing on behalf of vulnerable clients.

The ethos of the Safety First portfolio range is to try as far as possible to protect client funds from volatility and potential loss via a risk targeted mechanism. The volatility-led process aims to insulate the core of a client’s investments from dramatic market fluctuations at a risk level suited to their particular investment objective, with the intention of avoiding the worst periods of negative market returns.

When assets are stressed their correlations may become more positive, which means that the benefit of asset diversification is reduced. For Safety First adopts a benchmark unconstrained approach, so that during stressed periods, Safety First portfolios do not have to maintain allocations to equity and other risk assets. This ability to move well away from benchmark asset allocation ensures the risk target can be maintained.

The Safety First portfolios focus on targeting risk and capping fees, together with the delivery of inflation matching returns affording our clients peace of mind around their investment objectives.

Frenkel Topping Investment Management (FTIM) Safety First Performance

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