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Our Investment Process

Investment Committee 

The investment process centres on the interaction of the investment committee, who contribute from a range of experience and expertise. The investment committee meets regularly to discuss developments in investment markets and research capability, evolving new ideas that could benefit client portfolios by searching for growth, whilst not losing focus on the management of volatility.

Regular reporting to the investment committee around global investment themes ensures we stay one step ahead of fast changing markets.

Our objective is to produce great outcomes for our clients, in line with their appetite, capacity and requirement for risk.

Managing Volatility

We believe that managed volatility strategies should be deployed as far as possible to deliver a smoother investment experience to our clients. The control of the risk within client portfolios is a critical part of our investment process.

Research shows that portfolio risk can be managed by diversification of low or non-correlated assets. However, when assets become stressed the benefit of diversification can be lost and therefore additional mitigation of risk can be delivered by a risk overlay or strategy to actively manage client funds in risk efficient framework.

Our in-house risk controls seek to ensure that the volatility targets set for each of our risk rated portfolios are not breached, ensuring a suitable and agreed level of risk is maintained for all clients.

Intelligent systems

In order to access continual, high quality market information and intelligence from around the world, we rely on independent global research. A suite of analytical tools, valuation models and equity research is reviewed daily, from which we maximise the insight and intelligence of investment professionals who have vast financial market experience, aiming to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

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