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David Carlisle

I currently work in the Post Settlement Department and carry out annual telephone reviews with; Client’s, Deputies and Trustees to ensure that as a Frenkel Topping client you are receiving the best possible service and that any investments you hold continue to meet your ongoing needs and objectives.

I have worked at Frenkel Topping since 1999 and so has experience of working within several departments within the firm, which has helped him gather a knowledge for most areas of the business.

Having worked in the financial services industry for over 22 years, I have experience in both an office environment as well as a sales role. In that time i have worked for only two firms.

Why do I work with Frenkel Topping?

I like to help people and it’s as simple as that really. Working within this industry provides many occasions when I am able to provide help to people who need it and they appreciate the help I provide.