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Dale Challender

My role at Frenkel Topping consists of writing reports, processing pensions, investments, cash accounts and ISAs.

I deal with large companies such as Scottish Widows and National Savings & Investments to ensure we deliver these services. I also deal with clients directly to ensure all investments and accounts are open and all the compliance is on file.

I am also responsible for processing new business, send invoices and reports out for PPO and Pension Loss. In addition, I deal with solicitors directly to act in the best interest of the clients and gather all required information/certified documents.

My qualifications are..

  • Degree in Finance and Accounting
  • A-Levels in Business and Accounting

What motivates me..

I enjoy working with numbers, it has always come natural to me from a young age. Recently started my career in this industry and am motivated to be successful in the future. I enjoy working in teams at ft and am happy to work for a company that genuinely helps people.

Something people may not know about me…

I can complete the Rubiks cube in around a minute!