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Cameron Rose

As a technical assistant, I do everything I can to assist our clients and my colleagues in any way possible. More often than not, I’ll be among the first people the client speaks to, besides their consultant. Because of that, it’s important that I give them a great first impression and a strong idea of what their relationship with Frenkel Topping will be like going forwards.

It’s much more than just writing letters and putting numbers on the books; it’s helping to forge a relationship that could very well last the client’s lifetime.

The world of financial advice is still very new to me. I came to Frenkel Topping with some experience as a motor insurance consultant, a degree in English and a host of customer service and communication skill.

I’m a glutton for knowledge though and I’ve already learned a great deal about this new world in the short time I’ve been here. I’ll be an expert before you know it and I can’t wait.

Down time

My partner and I are both creatively-minded people and when I’m not helping her out with her illustration projects, I’m usually working on things myself. This includes anything from creative writing to home movies or programming my own video games. I also like to read comics and play games as well as keep in contact with all of my friends over Skype and social media.