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Company Information

Frenkel Topping Group has been listed on AIM since August 2014.

Frenkel Topping Group PLC has 78,657,349 allocated, called up and fully paid ordinary shares in issue.

Other than AIM, the company’s securities are not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Details of Significant Shareholdings in Frenkel Topping Group PLC:

Oryx International Growth Fund Limited   9.54%

North Atlantic Smaller Companies             8.44%

Investment Trust plc                                     0.12%

Harwood Capital LLP                                   18.09%

Incap Finance BV                                          6.22%
IPGL Limited                                                  9.09%


R & C Hughes                                                9.99%
Employee Benefit Trust                                8.07%
Hargreave Hale                                             6.64%


FCFM Group Limited                                     5.67%
Killik & Co                                                       3.99%
D C Southworth                                             4.04%

Own Shares                                                         3.86%

R C Fraser (Director)                                      3.27%

Mark Holt (Director)                                      0.21%


The percentage of shares not in public hands is 58.92%

No restrictions are held over the transfer of shares of the Company.

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