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Darran Prosser


My first introduction to Frenkel Topping was through my solicitors who represented me after an industrial accident at British Steel, Port Talbot in Wales. It was an awful accident which resulted in fatalities. I myself lost my left arm and leg.

Fortunately I was a Trade Union member and they sought out the best solicitor to deal with the case. Frenkel Topping was brought in by the solicitors in the pre-settlement stage. 

I felt very emotional and nervous and when I received my compensation. I had numerous meetings with Richard Fraser, now the Managing Director of Frenkel Topping. Having a large compensation payment can be very daunting. I thought long and hard about the money that I had been awarded and knew it had to last a lifetime.

Inspired by others

Reading up about Frenkel Topping’s involvement with the Cathy Kelly [Kelly v Dawes] case helped us (my wife Jocelyn and I) to make our decision about who would give me financial advice.

Frenkel Topping completely understand the importance of what they do. They are experienced and – they don’t know this – but the QC who was representing me in court whispered in my ear that ‘they are the best’. This alone was not enough so I asked for several meetings to ask many questions. Richard Fraser was always happy to meet with us before we made the decision. There was never, ever any hard sell, he was always respectful.

As the years have gone by, I have had an excellent relationship with all Frenkel Topping staff as well as Richard – they’re all so down to earth.

My goals

My ambition is to live life as comfortably as I possibly can. The investments made by FT have allowed me to buy the car of my choice, the home of my choice and to provide for my family.

Not worrying about financial security frees my mind for other things. In the 21 years I have been with FT I have had peace of mind.

The most rewarding investment for me is owning my own home and being debt free and recently I bought my wife a beautiful John Bellany painting which will be a heirloom for our children. When I drive my nice car nobody sees my disability and I have great pleasure from it.

What has helped?

If it had not been for FT I would have definitely struggled. FT took the weight of worry away from me.

There are many companies who are prepared to invest someone’s money but that’s just the beginning of it. I know friends and family that have lost lots of money through false promises. If someone has a life-changing injury they need to be set up for life not the promise of gimmicks.

Frenkel Topping & I

I seldom contact FT as I really don’t have to as my consultant keeps me regularly updated. Honestly it might sound blasé but I just don’t think about the investments from one day to the next as I know they’re in good hands.

I would advise any person that as been awarded a large compensation sum to think of the long-haul. FT has enabled me to live more than comfortably and I was so lucky to be introduced to them.

Having sudden wealth is difficult. This money is meant to compensate for loss. For my experience, FT is a great company, with good values and it cares about its clients.

Date: 18/10/2015

Author: Emma Waddingham

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